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Steve, 24

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Hi my name is Steve and I needed help to get away from gang related drug dealing. I needed money and wasn't getting any help from the government and the police could not help me. I went to the local council to find out about moving away from the situation but because my money situation was messed up there was a back log in rent owing. I was so stressed out and felt I was being pushed from pillar to post, then I found out about YMAV. They took the time to see where they could help with my housing situation, it was only at that point then that I felt that I could deal with the important situation of changing my life around and possibly saving my life.

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Jordan, 19

Hi I'm Jordan I needed to get out of Leeds fast because I was in danger of losing my life and was scared. The police couldn't help me and the local council could only offer me the crypt as there are no services to provide males with shelter who are fleeing violence, but then I heard about YMAV. I immediately phoned them and they helped me move to a secure location and assured me of its confidentiality and that I would be safe.

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